About The Solo Lady Traveller

I am a Solo Lady Traveller, following in a limited and humble (and far more comfortable) way the tradition of the great eccentric women travellers of the past. In the second millennium there are millions of fit adventurous women of adequate financial means, who find themselves at "a certain age" alone, through death, divorce or misadventure, and who are travelling the world in tour groups, with a female friend, or alone. There are many more who would like to do so but are uncertain about where to go, what is safe, barriers and benefits for the solo traveller. I know many women who would love to travel but fear to, and also those who are taking their first steps with treks to Macchu Picchu and the Galapagos. Many are confronted or affronted by the huge extra cost per person of travelling alone. You can do it, and you will find it more fun, more challenging (and much less scary!), and more rewarding than you dared hope. In this site I will hope inspire, suggest, encourage, and provide helpful hints, tips and tricks. I will let you know where second-rate conditions are provided for the surcharge-paying single traveller,  and opportunities. Above all, I aim to entertain and amuse you, as well as providing a more personal and intimate look at places and people than the more formal travelogues. If you are interested in seeing how other women are travelling alone, here are some interesting blogs to follow.
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